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The Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia has developed and produced a video series on Communication Skills for Volunteers Interacting with Diverse Older People
(available on YouTube)

Volunteers are pivotal in providing support and companionship to aging Australians, offering both practical aid and invaluable emotional support, serving as friendly faces and compassionate listeners, thereby combating feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Aged care service providers play a crucial role in equipping their volunteer workforce with the necessary communication skills to effectively engage with diverse older Australians.

These short, engaging and easy to understand videos will assist volunteers in developing the skills needed to effectively interact with diverse ageing individuals in the CHSP Sector. Whether they are new volunteers or looking to enhance their skills, these videos will equip them with the principles and strategies to provide high-quality, culturally-intelligent, person-centred support to the diverse older adults they interact with.