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Secretariate for the HUB

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Waterloo, NSW

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NSW Statewide MAP Officer

Name: Terrie Leoleos
Position: NSW State Wide CALD SSD (Multicultural Access Program)
Organisation: ECC NSW
Telephone: 02) 9319 0288
Mobile: +61427 301 682
Email: [email protected]

QLD Statewide MAS Officer

Name: TBA
Position: QLD State Wide CALD SSD (Multicultural Advisory Service)
Organisation: ECC QLD
Telephone: 02) 9319 0288
Mobile: +61427 301 682
Email: [email protected]

VIC Statewide SS Officer

Name: TBA
Position: VIC State Wide CALD SSD (CALD Sector Support)
Organisation: ECC VIC
Telephone: 02) 9319 0288
Mobile: +61427 301 682
Email: [email protected]


Name: Helena Kyriazopoulos
Position: SA State Wide CALD SSD (CALD Sector support development)
Organisation: MCCSA
Telephone: 08) 8213 4601
Mobile: +61412186319
Email: [email protected]

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