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The Department of Health recognises that many CHSP service providers currently operating in COVID-19 hotspots are experiencing issues recruiting and retaining key aged care workers and clinical care staff.

To help support providers during this period, the Department is encouraging the use of online workforce platforms to help providers access qualified staff and volunteers.

CHSP service providers can also subcontract other organisations to deliver services on their behalf within their Aged Care Planning Region (ACPR). Subcontracting arrangements can assist service providers to deliver services in local areas where they do not have their own service footprint.

CHSP service providers are responsible for ensuring subcontractors comply with the program guidelines, reporting requirements and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.

If CHSP service providers require additional funding to meet costs associated with COVID-19, including the temporary expansion of services within their ACPRs, they can apply for additional funding through the CHSP emergency support for COVID-19 ad hoc funding round.

For more information about this funding opportunity and to access an application form, please contact your Community Grants Hub Funding Arrangement Manager.